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It’s been more than five years since we introduced the “REOPUS” replacement amplifier circuit board that cured chronic problems with the Lucas OPUS ignition fitted to Jaguar E-Types and early XJ-12s. As our testimonials show, the REOPUS 3 and 4 amplifiers gave significant improvements in starting and smooth running, but we subsequently found another weak link: the OPUS pickup. No two original OPUS pickups appear to have the same output (even new ones) and many were failing. We have addressed the OPUS pickup issues with a totally new product: the new REOPUS “Hall Effect” pickup and matched amplifier – a package that’s even more impressive than previous REOPUS products. The REOPUS H Hall Effect pickup and amplifier give noticeable improvement in engine performance when compared to the original Lucas OPUS pickup and amplifier. What’s more, they further improve timing between cylinders, starting, and overall smoothness. The results are really quite amazing. In addition, we can now offer the added reliability of a sealed, solid-state, Hall Effect pickup. (Note that earlier REOPUS V3 and V4 amplifiers can be modified to version3H or 4H to operate with the REOPUS H pickup.) To order REOPUS H, purchase the circuit board (part number 08-1040) and the appropriate pickup (either 08-1042 or 08-1044) separately. Scroll down for additional photos.
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Features and Benefits of REOPUS H • The REOPUS H amplifier is compatible with both the original 6-wire and the later 5-wire amplifiers. No changes are required to the original wiring. We use the original mounts, alloy case, ballast resistor and coil, making installations potentially less troublesome. • The REOPUS H pickup is installed in the original distributor mount and uses the original rotor and 3-pin connector. There are two pickup types; the only difference is the connector. • REOPUS H Amplifiers have an on-board regulated 5-volt power supply for the ignition electronics. This is a bit more expensive but well worth the cost. • Electronic sensor and timing circuits change their output characteristics when the supply voltage changes. • When the starter is engaged, the battery voltage can be as low as 8.5 volts. • Below 1000 RPM the battery voltage may only be 13.8 volts. • At motorway speeds the battery voltage should be at least 14.3 volts and with the newer Calcium batteries it should be between 14.3 and 14.6 volts. • Providing the battery can supply from 8 to 15 volts, a REOPUS H ignition switches the coil “on time, every time.” When coupled with the IGBT output transistor specially designed to trigger ignition coils, you also get the maximum output from the coil. • Excellent reliability, more accurate timing, better starting and a noticeable improvement in engine smoothness at all temperatures and speeds can all be expected with REOPUS H. • Battery voltage does have an effect on the coil HT output. REOPUS amplifiers use an IGBT transistor designed to give faster switching times and less voltage drop, making sure you always get the maximum output from your coil from the voltage available. Again, the IGBT costs a bit more, but the end result is worth it. • Our circuit boards use high quality industrial electronic components -- they are not a modular unit, or a sealed box. Consequently, REOPUS circuit boards are repairable. • The new REOPUS H pickup has an Isolated Hall Effect sensor and magnet encapsulated in a sealed, heat-treated, epoxy resin with alloy mounting base. The Red colour-coded pickup and grommet is installed into the distributor in the original position. It uses the original timing rotor and fits the original 3-pin amplifier connector. The REOPUS H pickup has a 3-pin connector for the power and output connections which avoids potential ground loop issues common with 2-wire systems. • We have tested the REOPUS H pickup with REOPUS 3 and 4 amplifiers modified to version 3H and 4H specification and the new REOPUS H amplifier up to 110°C. The duty cycle changes less than 3%, and that’s from 600 RPM to 7000 RPM. • With a REOPUS H, the gap between rotor and pickup can be from .020” ± .010” without any noticeable problems. This is more important than it may at first seem. We have noticed some new timing rotor wheels where the ferrite rod placement is not as close to the edge as the original timing rotors. The OPUS pickup was very sensitive and the gap had to be 0.020” ±0.005” with the original specification rotor. Note that the gap may need to change between pickups to obtain the correct duty cycle. Visit www.reopusignition.com for information. • The REOPUS H amplifier and pickup also works without any changes on fuel injected engines fitted with OPUS ignition and the long coloured wiring. • Easy-to-follow installation instructions and fault finding information are supplied with each REOPUS circuit board. REOPUS Engineering provides technical support at no cost. Our service and attention to detail is without parallel. Our customers are important to us, and we look after you. We made sure that existing REOPUS V3 and V4 amplifiers can be modified to V3H or V4H by us to operate with the new REOPUS H pickup. Note: The REOPUS H pickup is not compatible with an original OPUS or unmodified REOPUS V3 or V4 amplifier. The original OPUS pickup is an inductive pickup, not a Hall Effect pickup. • The REOPUS H amplifier can be mounted in the engine valley (as original) without any heat or cable-length issues. It can also be mounted on the front chassis rail.

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