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From headers, cams, & carbs to suspension, brakes & wheels, you'll find your E-Type upgrades.

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Add-on Air Conditioning Kits and Upgrades
Battery Minder®
Rotor/Caliper Conversions, Stainless Steel Braided Lines, One-Man Bleeder, and Brake Fluid
Camshafts (8)
Performance Ranked Camshaft Selection
“AMCO” Type Bumper Bars and Roadster Luggage Rack
Cooling (33)
Alloy Radiators, Replacement Electric Fans, Alloy Expansion Tank, Aftermarket Fan Control Kit, and Water Wetter
Electronic Ignition, “REOPUS” Amplifier Circuit Board, Pertronix® Standard Distributor, Pertronix High-Performance Distributor, Coils, Mallory Distributors
Hi-Flow Oil Pipes, Oil Filter Conversion Kits, Oil Pan Baffle, Braided Stainless Steel Cam Oil Feed Line Assembly, and Hi-Flow Oil Pump
“Bumble Bee” Racing Ignition Wire, ARP® Fastener Upgrade Kits, Core Plug Strap Kit, and Stat-O Seal Washers
Hi-Compression Pistons, Carrillo® Connecting Rods, Crankshafts, Vibration Dampers, Head Gaskets, and Gasket Sets
Alloy "Flip-top" filer caps, Monza, Aston, Le Mans
Lightweight Flywheels, Roller-Type Throw-Out Bearing, High-Torque-Gear-Reduction Starter Motors, Performance Clutches
Hardtops (10)
Headers (12)
“Big Bore” Stainless Steel Muffler Systems; "Straight-Thru" Stainless Muffler Systems; Six-Cylinder Performance Stainless Muffler Systems; Six-Cylinder Stainless Steel Headers & Link Pipes;...More Details »
Heavy Duty Engine Mounts, HD I.R.S. Mounts, HD Trailing Arm Bushings, and Alloy Steering Rack Mounts
Induction (36)
Triple S.U. Conversion Kit, Intake Manifold, Weber Carburetor Conversions, Performance Air Filters, Velocity Stacks, and Air Filter Cleaning/Oiling Kit
Interior (9)
Floor Mats, Carpet Mats, and Impeccable Burl Interiors
Exterior/Alloy Body Parts
Hillsalive Fitted Luggage Travel by sports car is fun but inevitably compromised by the lack of luggage space. Many beautiful cars stay at home while we travel in something capacious but boring....More Details »
Mirrors (9)
Period specific for the E-Type
Aluminum Lightweight Bonnet, Alloy Seat Shells, Fiberglass Lightweight, Wing Extension (Fender Flare), and Roll Cages
We are excited to announce two new radios from the folks at RetroSound. The cosmetics are now more period correct and the list of new features is impressive. The Model One radio we've sold for the...More Details »
Seat Belts (29)
Period styles in a variety of colors
Shocks (19)
Spax Shocks and Spax Shocks With Springs Installed, GAZ Shocks and GAZ Shocks With Springs Installed
Suspension (18)
Torsion Bars & Springs; Torsion Bar Reaction Plate; Performance Bushings; and Sway Bar Sets
Tools (56)
Special tools and tool kit parts
Five Speed Transmission Conversions, and Alloy Differential Cover
Upgrades (2)
NEW Steering Rack, Adjustable Power Steering Kit , Modern One-Wire Alternator Kit, and Alternator/Serpentine Belt Conversions
Special Valve Springs; Tappet Guide Hold-Down Kit; Oversize Valves; Specialty Tappets & Tappet Guides; and Chrome-Moly Valve Spring Retainers
Hammers, Knock-Off Tools, Wire Wheel Brush, and Wheel Duster
Mini-Lite and Dunlop Alloy Wheels
Individual Wire Wheels, and Wire Wheel Combos

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