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Your Jaguar E-Type air-conditioning system doesn’t just cool you down on a hot day, it also removes moisture from the air inside the cabin,...More Details »
Antenna (1)
Your classic Jaguar E-Type is a beautiful car, but poor radio reception and static on your favorite song can put a damper on a nice drive. Often, the weak link that is most overlooked in...More Details »
Jaguar automatic transmission problems can often leave your E-type unable to move or unable to shift, requiring maintenance to get moving again. Whether you're performing a basic Jaguar automatic...More Details »
Battery (2)
When it comes to your Jaguar XKE battery and related systems, proper replacement parts that fit correctly make all the difference in ensuring that your E-Type remains reliable. XKs Unlimited...More Details »
Body (33)
This category contains replacement Jaguar XKE body parts, including chrome trim, bumpers, window glass, grilles, and replacement body panels & sheet metal, and all included hardware fittings....More Details »
Brakes (17)
Within this category, you’ll find Jaguar XKE brake parts for both six-cylinder and V-12 models, including master cylinders, brake servos, calipers, hand brake components, pedal housings, and even...More Details »
The Carburetor category contains all the parts you need to repair or completely rebuild your Jaguar XKE carburetors. Whether you have S.U. or Stromberg carburetors on your six-cylinder or V-12...More Details »
Charging (4)
This category contains early generator units, voltage regulators, belts & pulleys, alternators, mounting brackets, and conversion kits. Ensuring proper operation of your Jaguar XKE charging system...More Details »
Clutch (6)
XKs Unlimited stocks quality Jaguar XKE clutch components in this category including pressure plates, clutch discs, slave cylinders, throw-out bearings and pilot bushings; and even full clutch...More Details »
Cooling (7)
Within this section you’ll find our excellent selection of Jaguar E-Type cooling system components including radiators, header tanks, switches, thermostats, cooling fans, plus our faithful...More Details »
This category contains period-correct and perfectly accurate Jaguar XKE decals, stickers, and data plates to put the finishing touches on your meticulous Concouse restoration. Even if you aren’t...More Details »
This category contains Jaguar XKE differential parts including ring & pinion shim sets, oil additives, differential bearings, and differential gaskets for all Series I, II, and Series III V-12...More Details »
Driveline (2)
This category contains Jaguar XKE driveline parts including driveshaft components, ring & pinion sets, retaining rings, and driveshaft boots. XKs Unlimited has the parts you need whether you're...More Details »
This category contains parts for the Jaguar V-12 emission system including fittings, hoses, valves, carburetor pre-heat pipes, and carbon canisters. Repairing failed components that are part of the...More Details »
Automatic and manual
Exhaust (12)
Filters (6)
Gearbox (3)
Glass (1)
Heating (2)
Horn (1)
Interior (14)
Lighting (11)
Relays & Flasher Units
Starter (3)
Steering (5)
Subframes (2)
Switches (2)
Tops (2)
Tires (3)
Wiring (9)

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