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There is a definite performance heritage with the Jaguar early saloons. See what we offer.

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Brakes (18)
MK II Wilwood conversion, Stainless Steel Brake Lines, EBC® Brake Pads And Turbo Groove Rotors, Stainless Steel Brake Cylinder Upgrades
Cooling (14)
Alloy Radiator Upgrades, Electric Fan Upgrades, Alloy Catch Tank
Engine (40)
Crank Seal Kits, Pistons, Rods, Crankshaft, Vibration Damper, HD Engine Mounts, Cams, Performance Cylinder Head Prep, Engine Gasket Sets
Exhaust (3)
Headers, Mufflers
Engine Oil (12)
Oil Coolers, Synthetic Oil, Alloy Catch Tank, Hi-Flow Oil Pump, Stainless Oil Lines, Filter Conversions
Exterior (2)
Badges, Stickers, Leather Hold Downs, Fuel And Oil Caps, Body Upgrades
Performance Clutches, Alloy Flywheel, High Torque Starters
Hardware (18)
Racing Wire, Wire Loom, Studs And Bolts, Core Plug Kit
Ignition (41)
Pertronix Ignitor Kits, Wire Set Assemblies, Pertronix Distributors, Mallory Distributors
Induction (19)
HD-8 Carburetion Conversion, Air Filter Options, Velocity Stacks
Interior (44)
Radio, Carpet Mat Sets, Seat Belts, Shift Knobs, Steering Wheels, Cup Holder
Headlights, Road Lights, Hazard Lights
Mirrors (10)
Interior, Exterior Mirrors Styled For The Period
Seat Belts (19)
Seat Belts
Shocks (11)
GAZ And Spax Shock Absorber Listing
Suspension (24)
MK II Suspension Kits, Polyurethane Bushings
Tools (57)
MK II Five Speed Conversion, Alloy Differential Cover
MK II/3.8S Power Rack and Pinion Kit, MK II Alternator Conversion, A/C Kits for Early Saloons
Specialty Tappets, Racing Lash Caps, Chrome Molly Spring Retainers, Performance Engine Valves, Tappet Guide Hold-Down Kit, Special Valve Springs
Knock-Off Hammers, Knock-Off Wrenches, Copaslip, Wheel Brushes And Cleaners
Dayton Wire Wheels, Vredestein Tires, Wheel And Hub Kits, Knock-Offs

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