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Main Bearings, Thrust Washers, Rod Bearings, Pin Bushings, Rod Nut, Rod Bolt, Piston Pin, Piston Set, Ring Sets, Lock Tab, Crank Pulley, Crank Damper, Crank Seal, Distributor/Oil Pump Drive Gear,...More Details »
Gaskets, Alloy Oil Pan, Oil Sump Hardware Kit, Drain Plug, Strainer, Baffle Assembly, Timing Pointer, Crankshaft Seal, and Oil By-pass Pipe, Hose
Cam Bearings; Camshaft; Engine Lifting Bracket; Locating Ring; Pozi Machine Screw; Valve Guide & Clip; Tappet Guide; Freeze Plug; Exhaust Manifold Stud; Valve Seat; Head Gaskets & Sets; Cam Oil Pipe; and Oil Thrower
Cam Follower Tappet; Valve Spring Set; Spring Seat; Valve & Valve Guides; Spring Retainer/Collar; and Shims
Timing Cover; Studs; Gaskets; Tensioner Chain; Filter & Lock Plate; Timing Pointer; Crankshaft Seal; Tensioner Pulley & Spring; Alternator Adjustment Bracket; Idle Gear & Busings; Eccentric...More Details »
Cam Gear & Bolt; Lock Plate; New Style Cam Gear; Intermediate Guide; Upper Guides; and Upper Timing Chain
Tappet Clearance Sticker, Competition Spark Plug Wire Holder, Flip-Top Oil Filler Cap, Round Oil Filler Cap, Cam Cover Gasket, Chrome Cylinder Head, and Cam Cover Nut/Washer Kits
Studs, Gaskets, Coil Bracket, Screen, Vent Breather Tube, Breather Pipes, and Rubber Boot
Drive Dog & Shaft, Oil Pump Assembly, Rotor Assembly, Strut, Lock Plate, Gaskets, Pipe Bracket & Strap, Inlet O-Ring, Pump Adapter Tube, Outlet O-Ring
This category pertains to all 3.8-Liter, 4.2 Series I and 4.2 Series II to Engine 7R.2297 (FHC & OTS) and 7R.35582 (2+2).
This category pertains to Series II E-Type from Engine 7R.2298 (FHC & OTS) 7R.35583 (2+2).
Gaskets, studs and hardware related to the intake manifold and water rail for the 3.8-liter E-Type, 1961-1964.
Gaskets, studs and hardware associated with the intake manifold.

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