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Firewall Bracket; Cross Shaft; Fulcrum Lever; Droplink; Throttle Pedal; Choke Linkage & Housing Assembly; Choke Cable Trunnion; Eccentric Sleeve; Stiffening Plate; Pivot Pin; Rear Slave Shaft; Adaptor; and Control Rod
Cross Shaft; Bracket/Fulcrum Lever; Choke Linkage; Throttle Pedal & Drop Link Assembly; Linkage Rod; Adaptor; Slave Shaft; Control Rod; Choke Cable Trunnion; Eccentric Sleeve; and Stiffening Plate
Throttle Pedal; Drop Link; Bracket/Fulcrum Lever & Cross Shaft Assembly; Links; Throttle Pedal Return Spring; Eccentric Sleeve; Stiffening Plate; Linkage Rod; Bracket; Pin & Lock Nut; Adaptor; and Kickdown Cable
Throttle Pedestal Spring, Throttle Cable, Linkage Spring, Throttle Pedal, and Micro Switch
Return Spring, Triangular Bracket, “Y” Bracket, and Throttle Pedestal Spring
Choke Warning Light Switch; Choke; Lamp; Plate; and Knob & Cable Assembly
We stock a complete line of new and rebuilt SU fuel pumps for all E-Types. Note that the 3.8 E-Type was supplied with a submerged Lucas pump but many have been converted to external SU pumps. Use...More Details »
Pump Insulation Foam and Fuel Pump Holder & Bracket
Anti-Seize Paste; Pick-up Plate & Sender Hardware Kit; Fuel Pump; Distance Tube; Sump; Mount Bracket; Fuel Tank; Filler Hose; Fuel Filler Cap; Sending Unit; Fuel Line Assembly; and Fuel Filter Element & Seal
Fuel Filler Cap; Filler Hose; Sump & Filter; Fuel Tank Mount Bracket; Pick-up Plate & Sender Hardware Kit; Sending Unit; Fuel Flex Line; Fuel Filter Element & Assembly; Pipe Clamp; and Fuel Non-Return Valve

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