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Vintage Racing Preparation by XKs Unlimited

Weve been racing sports cars since long before many were even considered vintage. From Sprites to Corvettes and from Morgans to Jaguars, we have a broad range of experience with a variety of race cars. We can handle any facet of vintage race preparation, from restoring and building a race car from the ground up, creating a powerful but reliable power plant or simply freshening and sorting a veteran racer. Contact our shop today to discuss your project.


Click the image above for a video profile of our vintage racing E-Type. 8:38 minutes

This video was shot from the in-car camera of a Corvette during a practice/qualifiying session.
Watch the silver E-Type to the right of center screen as they dice for position. 3.0 minutes.

E-Type in combat at Buttonwillow Raceway, California

Through the famed "Corkscrew"Corvette at the Monterey Historic Sports Car Races
Cobra racing at Willow Springs Raceway. Corvette entering Andretti corner during the 2010 Monterey Motorsport Reunion.


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