XK-120 FHC

Welcome to our vision of what Jaguar might have built if tasked with improving the performance, reliability and comfort of the XK-120 fixedhead coupe. Not only has this Jaguar received a multi-year comprehensive restoration by ourselves, it incorporates a variety of period modifications (Weber carburetors, louvered bonnet, rallye clocks, etc.) and decidedly modern updates (alternator, five-speed gearbox, disc brakes, etc.) that strike the ultimate balance between a vintage appearance and a level of comfort and performance that is anything but vintage. We invite your inspection. Engine 4.2-liter E-Type with straight-port cylinder head Big-valve conversion High-lift cams 9:1 compression ratio ARP heavy duty cylinder head studs High performance crankshaft damper Alloy flywheel Vertex magneto ignition 45 DCOE Weber carburetors Modern alternator Modern fuel system with Holley electric pump Stainless steel braided fuel lines and Holley fuel filter Transmission and Driveline JT5 close-ratio five-speed gearbox Limited slip differential Steering and Suspension XK-150 rack-and-pinion steering Four-wheel Wilwood four-piston disc brakes E-Type independent rear suspension Cooling Alloy XK-140 radiator (required to clear rack-and-pinion steering) Remote oil cooler Body and Interior 6 additional leg room obtained by moving pedals and firewall forward Uses of a Tilton pedal system. Curved/indented E-Type rear bulkhead allows more rearward placement of seat mounts Reproductions of the factory XK racing bucket seats Custom stereo and rallye clock installation Electric windows (which enhance cockpit room by eliminating the annoying placement of the window winder handle) Louvered bonnet Recessed Aston flip-top fuel cap Leather bonnet strap Lucas PF770 head lamps Fog and Driving Lights
Click here to view a short Quicktime movie of this car rolling out for its first photo shoot


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