Steve Philip

  • Steve
  • XKs Staff Biography Name: Steve Philip
  • Position at XKS Unlimited: Senior Sales Representative
  • Birthplace: New Brunswick, NJ
  • Start Date with XKs Unlimited: April 16, 1996
  • Family: Divorced, two children
  • Education: Rutgers University, Music major
  • Favorite Movies: Tommy; Stripes; Hellraiser; Citizen Kane (Anything before Technicolor)
  • Favorite Books: Anything by Clive Barker; Old Stephen King; Anne Rice
  • Favorite Musicians/Musical Group(s): Everything but opera!
  • Interests (other than cars, of course): Music; Motorcycles
  • My First Car: 1967 MGB GT
  • My Favorite Jaguar: 1967 E Type OTS
  • My Top Ten Vintage Race Car Collection Would Include: E Types, C Type, D Type, Triumph TR3
  • My Top Ten Vintage Street Car Collection Would Include: E Types, MGBs, Camaros, Corvettes and Harleys (of course)
  • Current Street Car I Most Lust After: Mercedes McLaren SLR
  • My Favorite Jaguar Related Experience: Driving Jasons (the owner of XKs Unlimited) 1967 E Type with Fred Couples for a photo shoot
  • My Favorite Non Jaguar Related (automotive!) Experience: Too many to list driving an Austin America in the NJ snow!
  • Favorite Childhood Vacation: Drove to CA from NJ when I was 5 years old
  • Role Models Growing Up: Jack Bruce, Geezer Butler, Gene Simmons


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