Daryl Boothe

  •     Position at XKS Unlimited:
           Senior Sales Representative
      Start Date with XKs Unlimited: 2006
    Originally from England,
           settled in Orange County, California
    Community College
        Favorite Movies:
    I like a variety
        Favorite Books:
    I like a variety
        Favorite Musicians/Musical Group(s):
    I like a variety
        Interests (other than cars, of course):

           The outdoors
        My First Car:
    1958 Chevy Impala
        My Favorite Jaguar:
    XK-150 OTS
        My Top Ten Vintage Race Car Collection Would Include:
    Ferrari and Porsche
        My Top Ten Vintage Street Car Collection Would Include:
    Rolls Royce
        Current Street Car I Most Lust After:
    Retro Camaro 2010
        My Favorite Jaguar Related Experience:

           Mt. Dora, Florida 2007 event with the Jaguar Club of Florida
        My Favorite Non Jaguar Related (automotive!) Experience:
    Back to the 50s, Grants Pass, Oregon, 2005
        Favorite Childhood Vacation:
    Role Models Growing Up: Father


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