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Jaguars are known for their sumptuous interiors, but they’re notoriously difficult to restore. Sure, some jobs – door panel installation for instance – can be done by any competent upholstery shop or skilled owner, but seat restoration, drophead coupe top installation or the many modifications we regularly undertake are a different story entirely. The learning curve is steep, car-to-car variation is a continual challenge, and the “tricks” and parts required to make seats or a DHC top look and function as new, for example, are numerous. And remember, in many cases it’s the work you don’t see that ultimately defines the longevity and quality of an interior restoration, not just new leather or carpet.

A classic “before” shot of an XK-150 roadster interior. Jaguar interiors are complex and the learning curve is steep. Car-to-car variation is a constant challenge. The XKs Unlimited interior shop has the depth of experience to restore your Jaguar interior to concours standards.
This is the same XK-150 roadster interior pictured to the left but post-restoration. This particular XK-150 competes – and wins – at the JCNA national level. While this was a straightforward restoration, many customers request custom features such as an upgraded audio system, air conditioning, electric windows, etc. With our fabrication capabilities, virtually any request can be accommodated.

Consider seats specifically for a moment. Granted, your local upholstery shop may be Mercedes or Porsche seat experts, but without our parts supply and depth of Jaguar experience, there’s no way they can be as successful with a pair of Jaguar seats. For instance, we stock the parts required to repair the notoriously troublesome recline mechanisms on Series II and III E-Type seats. We even manufacture our own wood tack strips and bolster wedges for these seats. Further, we make replacement seat pivot bushings for Series I 4.2 E-Types and stock a multitude of specialized seat hardware. Unless your local shop knew to call us for these pieces, they’d be lost. We’ve developed many of these parts and procedures over a period of many years, just as other shops have done with other makes. If you want your Jaguar seats restored by a specialist, send them to XKs Unlimited. For more examples of our interior restoration expertise, browse through our Current Projects pages and take a look our Gallery of Past Projects.

Sometimes the term “re-creation” is more correct than “restoration.” These scraps of wood were all that was left of a set of XK-120 seats, so we had to start from scratch and build them from the ground up. The hidden work often determines the quality of the finished product.
The finished XK-120 frames ready for installation of foam and seat covers. XKs Unlimited manufactures many of the interior parts used in our restoration shop, such as tack strips and bolster wedges for E-Types, seat frame pivot bushings and seat track rollers. We also stock the specialized hardware required for a truly concours restoration.

This is the net result of this restoration is quite stunning. Bear in mind, you will spend a lot of time in the 'saddle' and it should be as comfortable and well made as it can be. We advise you not scrimp on seat reconstruction, your back-side will thank you and the resale value will be increased proportionally.
This E-Type’s owner wanted something out of the ordinary with custom-color leather and contrasting piping and carpet. This was easily accommodated, but some requested modifications are quite complex, such as XJ-6 Series III seats in a MK II, headrest DVD players in late-model seats for a Mk IX, and hidden audio systems.


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