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 width= Component Rebuilding by XKs Unlimited

Not every job we do at XKs Unlimited is a total restoration. Most are not, in fact. Some owners do the bulk of a restoration themselves but chose to sub-contract jobs they do not want to tackle themselves or simply want completed quickly. Our shop routinely rebuilds engines, cylinder heads, gearboxes, I.R.S. units, seats and carburetors – if it can be removed from the car and shipped to us, we can rebuild and restore those components to your exact specifications and ship them back to you ready to install. Please call our restoration shop today at (805) 594-1585 to discuss your classic component parts rebuild and restoration requirements.

 width=XKs Unlimited has rebuilt hundreds of SU and Stromberg carburetors and our comprehensive parts supply includes many items manufactured in-house, such as our unsinkable floats. Our carburetor restorations include complete disassembly, cleaning and replacement of all wear items. Whether finished to “concours” or “street” specifications, your carburetors will return ready to run.
 width=While we’d be thrilled to restore your entire interior, the XKs Unlimited interior shop is happy to do any portion of the job you’d rather not tackle yourself. Customers ship us seats from the world over to capitalize on our years of Jaguar interior restoration experience and parts supply. We can also accommodate any number of special requests.

 width=A Jaguar cylinder head should only be entrusted to someone familiar with the unforgiving nature of these vital components. The technicians at the XKs Unlimited mechanical and machine shop understand the finer points of Jaguar valve train geometry and will return your restored cylinder head with valves adjusted and ready to make power.
 width=Jaguar’s Independent rear suspension (I.R.S.) served the company well for more than a quarter century. It is rather complex, however, and requires a multitude of shims, seals and bearings to rebuild, not to mention some specialized tools. XKs Unlimited can totally restore your I.R.S. and paint, plate and powder coat to your specifications and return the unit ready to bolt in. Here's the center section ready to assemble in the cage.

 width=XKs Unlimited has been one of the premier sources for complete engine rebuilds for the better part of three decades. Every engine we build receives the same loving attention to detail and is fully balanced, blueprinted, painted and polished to look like the day it left Coventry. We can carefully crate finished engines for shipment anywhere in the world.


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