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SS100 vert montageThese are not kit cars and are only sold as complete finished cars. These cars are built in our own workshop to the highest specifications. Every car is show worthy.

Some Of The Build Details
- Body is a combination of very high quality steel and reinforced fiberglass
- The bonnet and splash panels are aluminum
- Made to original dimensions and include all original-style chrome trim
- Original style QK596 Headlamps
- Full weather gear including top and side curtains, folding windshield and
    wind wings, racing screens, luggage rack and heater
- Four-wheel power disc brakes hidden by "Brake Drum" covers
- All XJ-6 independent suspension and rack-and-pinion steering.
- 4.2 XJ Jaguar engine completely rebuilt and detailed
- Five-speed manual gearbox
- Stainless-steel dual exhaust
- Alloy radiator
- Choice of body color and interior trim

Base Cost: (before adding optional extras, below) $170,000 
 Payment will be collected in 6 installments as the build progresses  
 Optional Extras:  
-LHD, and includes Stainless Steel headers  $4000
-QK596 Lucas Style driving lamps to match headlamps  $2500
-Alloy dashboard engine turned  $1100
-Box trunk to fit luggage rack in matching mohair  $900
-Chrome wire wheels  $1850
-Sound system  inquire
-Performance engine modifications  inquire
 Click here to view a gallery of some completed cars  








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