Mark Evans

Name: Mark Evans
Position at XKS Unlimited: Sales Account Manager
Birthplace: Lompoc, CA
Birthday: March 17
Family: Married with two boys
Education: High School
Favorite Movies: Caddyshack, Super Troopers, Joe Dirt
Favorite Books: Any Dan Brown
Favorite Music: Pink Floyd, Rise Against, CCR
Interests (other than cars, of course): Cooking and off-roading with my Ford Raptor.
My First Car: 1981 Toyota 4x4
My Favorite Jaguar: 2014 XKR-S GT
My Top-Ten Vintage Street Car Collection Would Include: 2014 XKR-S GT
Current Street Car I Most Lust After: 2016 Mustang GT350R
My Favorite Jaguar-Related Experience: Working at XKs Unlimited
My Favorite Non-Jaguar-Related (automotive!) Experience: Diving a supercharged Mustang at VIR
Favorite Childhood Vacation: Driving to Illinois and back


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