Pete Angel

Name: Pete Angel
Position at XKS Unlimited: Senior Sales Representative
Birthplace: USN Hospital, Oceanside, CA
Start Date with XKs Unlimited: Jan 19, 2014
Family: Married two grown children
Education: Undergrad studies at Colorado Tech College (BS, Solar Energy Engineering) and Pepperdine University (BS, Business Management)
Favorite Movies: Anything by Mel Brooks or Quentin Tarantino
Favorite Books: Ancient history, automotive technical
Favorite Music: Classic rock
Interests (other than cars, of course): There are supposed to be interests other than cars? Historical battles and inventions.
My First Car: 1960 NSU Sport Prinz
My Favorite Jaguar: XK-140 FHC
My Top-Ten Vintage Race Car Collection Would Include: Vintage Ford GT40, Jim Clark’s F1 Lotus, any Ferrari F40
My Top-Ten Vintage Street Car Collection Would Include: Anything modified, chopped, lowered and fast
Current Street Car I Most Lust After: Shelby Daytona Coupe
My Favorite Jaguar-Related Experience: Working around them every day
My Favorite Non-Jaguar-Related (automotive!) Experience: Last Lap Of Riverside Int’l Raceway, Riverside CA 1988, and GT1 racing at Willow Springs in ‘65 Mustang (Make NO mention of midnight street racing on the cloverleaf at the 405 and 10 in El Monte. (OK, Pete, no problem, we won’t mention that. Promise. -- Ed.)
Favorite Childhood Vacation: Civil War battlefield sites and Smithsonian Institution, 1962-1963
Role Models Growing Up: My father, USMC Master Gunnery Sgt. Craig Angel, 1929-1997. He served in Korea with the 1st Division and was wounded while he and another person escaped capture. They called him “Gunny Angel.” He was also a drill instructor at the USMC boot camp on Parris Island, SC. And, Lord Nelson, the British Navy Commander who defeated Napoleon and died during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.


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