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    1985 XJS 6 3.2

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    Price: $55,750.00

    XKSAdmin E

    • Year:1985
    • Make:Jaguar
    • Model:XJS

    Engine : 3.2

    Drivetrain : RWD

    Transmission : 5-Speed

    VIN : SAJJNAEC7CC124911

    Valuation report:
    The undersigned E. de Ruyter & Expert Appraiser of vehicles, other than the insurance themselves or by any means employed to this standing or acting on their behalf, explains in
    the request to have valued the principal / owner receivers for motor insurance a Vehicle in accordance with article 7: 960 BW
    Article 7: 960 shall apply where it is absorbed by your insurer in the policy.

    Name: E.J. Fintelman
    Address: Koningstraat 84
    Postcode / City: 7315 HX Apeldoorn
    Phone number: 06-51991211

    Vehicle data:
    Registration Data:
    Type: Passenger
    Registration: 86-TZN-2
    Issue Date part 1: 27-04-2012
    Brand: Jaguar
    Issue Date part 2: 27-04-2012
    Type / Model: XJS 6 3.2
    Reporting Code: 4911
    Year Built: 01-08-1985
    Weight: 1700 KG (3750 lbs.)
    Color: Blue Mica
    Fuel: Gasoline
    Mileage: 428
    MOT approved till: 16-10-2017
    Specifics Subject: Jaguar XK180 Replica
    Valuation in Euro: € 105,000 - ($117,225)
    Asking Price: € 50,000 ($55,750)

    Apeldoorn, date 24-03-2015
    Sworn Registry Expert: E. de Ruyter
    N.B. The established valuation gives no guarantee of achieving this at
    sale or exchange of the said object.

    Optical excellent first impression
    Lacquerware Original color: No
    Hood: Excellent
    Front Boot: Okay
    Mudguard Left front: Excellent
    Mudguard Right front: Okay
    Convertible / Hardtop: DOES NOT APPLY
    Mudguard Left rear: Excellent
    Windows and rubbers: Excellent
    Mudguard Right rear: Excellent
    Decorative strips and the like: Excellent
    Door left: Excellent
    Chrome work: DOES NOT APPLY
    Bumper front: DOES NOT APPLY
    Bumper rear: DOES NOT APPLY
    Door right: Excellent
    Door right rear: DOES NOT APPLY
    Door left rear: DOES NOT APPLY
    Lighting front: Excellent
    Door Seals: DOES NOT APPLY
    Rear lighting: Excellent
    Optical first impression: Excellent
    Dashboard: Okay
    Leather: Okay
    Headliner: DOES NOT APPLY
    Engine compartment: Excellent
    Leather upholstery chairs: Excellent
    Upholstery rear: DOES NOT APPLY
    Optical first impression: Excellent
    Engine: Excellent
    Brakes: Excellent
    Oil Leaks: No
    Exhaust: Stainless steel; Excellent
    Radiator : Excellent
    Steering Mechanism: Excellent
    Water Hoses: Excellent
    Shock Absorbers: Adjustable; Excellent
    Electrical Installation: Excellent
    Wheels: Excellent
    Starter: Excellent
    Tyres: Excellent
    Dynamo: Excellent
    Tyre Profile: Excellent
    Fuel system: Excellent
    Front Tyre 255/35-ZR20
    Rear Tyre 285/30-ZR20

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