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Cheney Hose Clamp Kit - Jaguar MK VIII - 09-8740

18-piece Cheney Clamp Set. Fits MK VIII.
Estimated Quantity Available: 1
Pricing: $159.99


Hose Clamp Location Qty
09-7548 C2905/4 Water Pump to Manifold 2
09-3996 C2905/2 Water Pump to Heater Return Pipe 2
09-8171 C2905/2 Front Return Pipe to Rear Return Pipe 2
09-12424 C2905/4 Top Radiator Hose 2
09-4463 C2905/5 Bottom Radiator Hose 2
09-8145 C2905/2 Elbow, Feed Pipe to Heater Valve 2
09-8145 C2905/2 Elbow, Heater Core to Pipe 2
09-8146 C2905/2 U Hose, Valve to Heater Core 2
09-8145 C2905/2 Elbow Hose, Heater Core to Pipe 2

After years of development and painstaking research, XKs Unlimited is pleased to introduce first-class reproductions of the ever-elusive Cheney-type hose clamps. Every effort was made to faithfully reproduce the original Cheney design in all respects, including materials, dimensions, construction and finish. These clamps were made to address the non-availability of original clamps, especially for Jaguar owners who seek the ultimate in authenticity.

These clamps are bright cadmium plated, just like the originals. Over time this cad plating will dull and turn darker. This is normal. Jaguar never used a bright zinc plated or stainless steel clamp. The less bright cad finish is correct.

Frankly speaking, the original Cheney clamps were not that great or as easy to install as modern stainless spring steel clamps. Some effort is required for good results. These clamps were cadmium plated in the open position so that all clamp surfaces would be completely and uniformly coated. Therefore, prior to installation you will have to close the clamps.

First, ensure that the clamp is completely round and that the leading edge of the clamp feeds directly into the mouth of the screw mechanism. This is most easily done, particularly on smaller clamps, by forming them over a circular template, such as a section of water pipe mounted in a vice. Gently tap the clamps round using a soft mallet or wooden hammer handle. Be sure that the leading edge of the clamp is feeding into the body at the correct angle.

Next, dab a bit of white grease or similar lubricant on the leading edge of the clamp, top and bottom and onto the receiving end of screw body. After plating, the clamps can be a bit tight and this will help ensure smooth operation.

Finally, run the clamps in and out a few times to spread the grease around. Wipe off the excess and install.

One fault of the Cheney clamps is that they require a good bit of effort to tighten. And since they can only be tightened with a flat-blade screwdriver, the clamp may feel tight on the hose when it is not. Tighten the clamp as much as possible using the biggest screwdriver possible, then start the car and look for leaks, tightening again as necessary. Once the hoses warm up and become a bit softer, tighten once more.

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