At-A-Glance - 2012 Jaguar US Model Line

  • XF Sedan
  • New contemporary exterior echoes flagship XJ
  • Upgraded interior
  • Upgraded entertainment and navigation technology
  • XFR receives styling upgrades that further differentiates it from other


XF models XK Coupe and Convertible

  • Revised sporting GT with dramatic design enhancements
  • New option packages emphasize luxury and sporting personality
  • US debut of the 550HP, 186mph
  • XKR-S XKR receives styling upgrades that further differentiates it from other XK models

XJ Sedan

  • All-aluminum flagship offers exceptional performance and luxury
  • Lightweight construction delivers superior agility and improved efficiency
  • New Rear Seat Comfort package on the XJL Supersport flagship


The new 2012 Jaguar range is our finest yet. Every one of our models fully embodies the brand ideals innovation, bold design, and effortless high performance. Our designers and engineers strive continuously to keep Jaguar ahead of the competition creating cars that stand apart from mainstream premium offerings, while remaining accessible to an ever wider spectrum of customers.

- Adrian Hallmark, Global Brand Director, Jaguar Cars


The 2012 Jaguar model range, which includes the Jaguar XF sedan, the Jaguar XK sports coupe and convertible, and the flagship Jaguar XJ sedan, will make their debut at the 2011 New York Auto Show. Substantial changes and improvements across the range bring performance and refinement to new levels, while design enhancements strengthen the contemporary appeal of Jaguars line-up.

The Jaguar XF, which has won awards around the world for both its performance and styling, receives restyled front and rear bodywork, continuing the evolution of the Jaguar design language seen on the flagship Jaguar XJ. The supercharged 510-horsepower Jaguar XFR now features dramatic design enhancements that will signal the performance available within this potent sedan.

The 2012 Jaguar XK range receives elegant styling changes, while further personalization can be made to both the cars performance and styling through a series of options packages. New interior options will allow the discerning driver to emphasize both the luxury and performance aspects of the XK models nature. A thrilling new pinnacle model, the 550 horsepower XKR-S coupe, is capable of 186mph and 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds.

Introduced last year, the flagship Jaguar XJ luxury sedan receives enhancements to the interior and to the options lists. A new Rear Seat Comfort package on the top of the line XJL Supersport includes electric recline, lumbar adjustment and massage functions.

These three cars are the result of a design and technology revolution at Jaguar, led by award-winning Design Director Ian Callum, the architect of the companys future success:

The world has been introduced to an entirely new generation of Jaguar cars in the past few years. With the new product range, todays Jaguar is at full-strength for the first time. The 2012 XK, XF and XJ are design-led products that break new boundaries. We believe our cars resonate with customers on an emotional level and thats reflected both in the way they drive and the way they look.

The 2012 Jaguar XF Sedan

  • At-A-Glance Design changes bring the Jaguar XFs exterior in-line with the Jaguar XJ flagship
  • Design changes to the XF continue the evolution of the Jaguar design language
  • The 510-horsepower Jaguar XFR receives unique, assertive styling treatment. XFR receives styling upgrades that further differentiates it from other XF models
  • Bi-function HID xenon headlamps incorporate LED daytime running lights with a distinctive J-Blade signature.
  • Three front fascia and lower rear valance treatments differentiate between model levels.
  • Tail lamps now feature LED lighting for stop, tail, and turn indicator functions.
  • Refreshed exterior is complemented by new alloy wheel choices and paint colors.
  • Upgraded interior with new seats, instrument panel, and optional 1200W Bowers & Wilkins premium surround sound system.
  • Complete change to the car infotainment system.

XF Design

A sedan with the soul of a Jaguar sports car, the Jaguar XF has won accolades and enthusiastic fans across the globe for its dynamic abilities and dramatic appearance. Advances in lighting technology have allowed the new 2012 Jaguar XF model range to adopt the Jaguar design language introduced on the flagship Jaguar XJ sedan.

Revisions to the grille, hood, and front fenders, which incorporate new triangular side vents, give the car a more muscular appearance. The Jaguar XF Supercharged hood is fitted with louvers featuring the "supercharged" script, further distinguishing the vehicle from the naturally aspirated models. The XFR also receives its own unique styling to underline its performance potential.

The XF headlamps now incorporate bi-function HID xenon technology that allows them to be much slimmer and more compact while maintaining outstanding beam resolution. The lights incorporate LED daytime running lights arranged in a distinctive Jaguar J-Blade signature.

The tail lamps have been redesigned and now extend onto the central portion of the trunk lid. These new units are full-LED for stop, tail light and turn signal functions and give the Jaguar XF a distinctive light signature at night. Separating the tail lights is a revised trunk lid trim with a gloss black lower edge for a cleaner appearance. The trunk also features a power latch on all models.

Three new paint colors and an expanded alloy wheels selection ranging from 18" to 20" provide the finishing touches to the revised styling.

The XF has rightly been recognized as a quintessential Jaguar sedan. It is purposeful yet elegant, with inherent sporting intent in its design. For the latest version we have been able to evolve and enhance that performance character. - Ian Callum, Design Director, Jaguar Cars

XF Interior Whether experienced from the driver or passenger seat, the cabin of the XF is a welcoming and stylish place in which to spend time, using high-end materials in a contemporary manner.

Continuing to feature dramatic surprise and delight elements such as the JaguarDrive Selector that rises from the center console and air vents that rotate to their open position when the start button is pressed, the XF interior also receives a comprehensive update.

New seats and interior displays

Revised front and rear seats incorporate a hoop design element on the seat and backrest that improves their appearance and support. New color combinations and veneers increase the personalization options available to buyers. All models receive a revision to the color scheme on the center console, dashboard, and steering wheel where buttons and switchgear have a more luxurious soft feel black paint finish, and the Tungsten finish is replaced by a more contemporary Aurora theme.

The XF incorporates a formidable amount of technology, but in true Jaguar fashion, it is integrated seamlessly into the function of the car. The primary interface is a seven-inch Touch-screen with a new polarizing filter for improved contrast. Additional buttons have been added below the touch-screen to switch instantly between different functions. The graphics palette has been revised, and is based on those in the Jaguar XJ. The instrument cluster information display is now a full-color TFT unit for greater resolution and clarity.

Cutting-edge technology

Three new audio systems are offered on the XF, all of which represent a significant upgrade. Headlining is a 1200W, 17-speaker premium surround sound system from British audio experts Bowers & Wilkins, which offers extraordinary clarity and sound reproduction.

All XF models are specified with a hard-drive based satellite navigation system that incorporates a virtual CD changer allowing the owner to transfer 10 CDs at a time into the cars memory storage and play them as if they were a physical music medium. The system now offers multiple options for connecting portable players; two USB ports, one which can be used for iPod devices and the other for a USB or other MP3 digital music player, and Bluetooth connectivity that allows music to be streamed from a smartphone.

The majority of the cars functions can also be controlled from the drivers seat by Jaguars Interactive Voice functionality, which provides an intuitive interface for hands-free operation.

The 2012 Jaguar XK Coupe and Convertible


  • Dramatic front and rear styling gives the XK a dynamic new appearance.
  • New LED technology incorporated into slimmer headlamps with a distinctive J-Blade signature.
  • New XKR-S model is the ultimate expression of Jaguars GT duality: intelligent performance with everyday drivability; the 550 horsepower XKR-S achieves 186mph (300km/h) and 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds.
  • Strong, lightweight advanced aluminum body architecture to maximize performance, agility and efficiency.
  • Revised interior enhances the contemporary luxury feel of the cabin.
  • Performance sports seat option offers 16-way power adjustability, with heating and memory functions.
  • New XKR Dynamic Pack for enhanced driving characteristics.
  • Expanded range of option packages allows a greater degree of personalization.
  • New paint colors pay homage to Jaguars racing heritage.
  • XKR receives styling upgrades that further differentiates it from other XK models

XK Design

The XK was the first car created entirely under the aegis of Design Director Ian Callum. Dramatic and purposeful, yet as sensuous as only a Jaguar can be, the XK now receives a number of revisions that reinforce its contemporary, assertive character.

The latest lighting technology has allowed the front headlamps to be made slimmer and at the same time incorporate LED turn signal functions and running lights with a distinctive J-Blade signature. Combined with a larger grille and new bumper design, this gives the XK instant recognition. Unmistakably a Jaguar, each model in the range gains unique styling attributes that distinguish it from its siblings. Chrome mesh grilles on the XK are replaced with black detailing on the XKR while the XKR-S receives a unique front fascia with carbon fiber details.

The power vent on the front fender has been altered from a vertical to horizontal design with a mesh insert. The rear decklid has been revised with a slimmer chrome trim, which allows the car to be graced by the famous Jaguar leaper.

Complementing the design changes are 16 paint colors, four of which are new. A range of 10 alloy wheel designs, from 19 to 20 inches, is available. The Black Pack remains an option on the XKR. This package replaces exterior chrome with a gloss black finish, complemented by 20-inch gloss black alloy wheels. On the XKR, the package also includes body colored aerodynamic enhancements.

XK Powertrain and Dynamics

Jaguar sports cars have a reputation for blending athletic high-performance with effortless cruising comfort. Nothing exemplifies this dual character more clearly than the 5.0-litre AJ-V8 engine in the XK.

Now in its third generation, this offers not only tremendous power but also great efficiency by incorporating the very latest technology including spray-guided direct injection (SGDI) and dual independent variable cam timing (DIVCT). Like the car itself, the engine is constructed from high-grade, lightweight aluminum. The cylinder heads are made with recycled aluminum to reduce the environmental impact of manufacture.

All XK models use a six-speed ZF automatic gearbox with steering wheel-mounted paddles to control the Jaguar Sequential Shift function. In the XKR-S, the transmission has been revised in line with the increased power and torque to optimize shifts and allow for the increased top speed.

New XKR-S - 550 HP, 186mph

The XKR-S has an engine based on the supercharged unit in the XKR. Revised fuel mapping and an active exhaust have boosted power and torque to 550 horsepower and 502 lb/ft respectively, creating the most powerful Jaguar road car ever. This allows the car to reach 60mph in 4.2 seconds and join the exclusive 300km/h club with a limited top speed of 186mph.

Luxury and performance duality

The XK models exhilarating driving dynamics are the result of the latest generation of Jaguars Adaptive Dynamics technology that provides a continuous and seamlessly variable damping strategy to negate the traditional trade-off between ride comfort and handling.

Adaptive Dynamics performs three main functions: controlling vertical body movement, roll and pitch rates. One hundred times every second, Adaptive Dynamics analyzes the thousands of inputs and variables which determine ride and handling characteristics. By also monitoring wheel position 500 times every second, the system is able to achieve the famous Jaguar duality between comfort and sporting appeal. Should the driver wish to alter these characteristics, there is the option of Dynamic Mode, which increases body control, sharpens throttle response and reduces gearshift times.

The two supercharged variants of the XK also benefit from Jaguars Active Differential Control technology. This uses a multi-plate clutch to vector torque to the driven wheel with the most grip. Allied to the ABS and stability control, this allows for the ultimate in traction and precision both mid-corner and upon exiting the apex. Non-supercharged models use a mechanical differential, which delivers outstanding levels of grip and stability under power.

All models benefit from the Dynamic Stability Control system which offers four modes: normal, Winter, TracDSC and DSC Off, allowing the enthusiastic driver to choose the level of intervention dependent on road conditions.

The Jaguar XKR-S enhances both these electronic systems and the inherent stiffness of the lightweight aluminum architecture.

Upgraded suspension in the XKR-S

The double wishbone front suspension has been comprehensively revised with a new fully-machined steering knuckle. This significantly increases camber and caster stiffness to transform the accuracy and weighting of the steering for greater levels of feedback and precision. Rear suspension geometry has been revised with rear wheel steer optimized for maximum agility. Spring rates have been increased by 28 percent at all four corners.

The Active Differential has been programmed to reduce steering sensitivity at the very high speeds of which the car is capable. Bespoke software for Jaguars Adaptive Damping has been written for the XKR-S, ensuring both total body control and maximum traction and grip. Changes to the TracDSC mode alter intervention levels to allow the experienced driver to explore the outer edges of the performance envelope, rewarded by the motorsport inspired soundtrack from the exhaust, which features an active pneumatic valve.

The suspension changes are also available as part of the Dynamic Pack option for the XKR model.

The XKR-S encompasses everything a performance Jaguar should be; as capable, precise and thrilling on your drive home as it is at the Nrburgring. Every response delay has been minimized in order to give the car a more connected feel in the manner in which it steers, handles, stops and goes. - Mike Cross, Chief Engineer, Vehicle Integrity

XK Interior

The dual nature of the XK is apparent from the moment the driver enters the cabin. Luxurious and cocooning, the sporting potential is apparent from the moment the Start button pulses red. Pressing it fires the engine into life with a deep, musical reverberation and the JaguarDrive Selector rises from the center console as a point of first contact to begin the process of bonding driver with machine.

In the latest XK, the cabin has been refreshed with new trim materials including ebony soft-feel paint for the switches, gloss black finish to the center console and phosphor blue halo illumination and ambient lighting. New veneers, color combinations and headliner options allow owners to create a cabin ambience precisely matching their requirements.

A new leather-wrapped, multi-function heated steering wheel has also been added, providing a tactile interface between car and driver, complemented on the XKR-S by Jaguar embossed stainless steel pedals, which are optional on other models.

New performance interiors

Standard on the XKR-S and optional on XKR models are new Performance front seats. Featuring integrated head restraints and increased support, the new seats hold driver and passenger securely and comfortably in place. The 16-way power adjustable seat is supplemented by memory and heating functions. The XKR-S has a Carbon patterned and soft-grain leather interior with contrasting micro-piping and stitching. The Jet Poltrona Frau Italian leather headlining is standard on the XKR-S, and is offered as an option on other models.

The central seven-inch Touch-screen provides an intuitive interface for the technology that is seamlessly incorporated into the XK, including iPod and USB connectivity and satellite navigation with DVD mapping. The central screen also projects the image from the new reverse parking camera.

The 2012 Jaguar XJ


  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Bold, beautiful styling re-energizes the Jaguar design language.
  • Available in both standard and long-wheelbase versions
  • New Rear Seat Comfort package is standard on the XJL Supersport and includes electric recline, lumbar adjustment and massage functions.
  • New XJL Executive Package enhances the luxury of the long wheelbase model.
  • Optional Illumination Package offers the ambient lighting effects previously only available on the Supersport variant.
  • New interior color combinations have been added by customer request.

The original XJ was the last car designed by Jaguar founder Sir William Lyons and the latest car to wear the nameplate is as innovative, beautiful and desirable as its famous forebear.

Revolutionary, not evolutionary, the XJ is truly a product of the 21st century and is the clearest indication yet of the singular sense of purpose behind Design Director Ian Callums vision for the future of Jaguar.

The standard full-length panoramic glass roof that floods the cabin with natural light allows the XJ to offer an unrivalled sense of spaciousness and occasion for driver and passengers and at the same time retain the sleek coupe-like profile and lithe stance for which Jaguar cars are famous.

Lightweight aluminum architecture

The groundbreaking styling is matched by innovative construction techniques. The lightweight aluminum structure 50 percent of which is made from recycled materials offers reduced weight and improved efficiency. In conjunction with a full lifecycle approach to design and manufacture, this allows the XJ to minimize its carbon footprint.

The weight saved by the use of aluminum also has benefits for performance and agility and is complemented by the most advanced, powerful and efficient Jaguar powertrains ever. All engines are coupled to a shift-by-wire, six-speed automatic transmission controlled by the JaguarDrive Selector and steering wheel-mounted paddles.

Contemporary cabin

The cabin of the XJ blends elegant, contemporary design with the comfort, luxury and unmistakable sporting style of a Jaguar. Chrome and piano black detailing provides contrast to the beautifully-crafted leather and wood veneer surfaces. A long-wheelbase model is available, for increased rear seat legroom.

Jaguars interior designers have created an environment more akin to a modern living space than a car cabin. Large 12.3-inch high-definition virtual instruments complement an innovative 8-inch Touch-screen.

Premium surround sound options include the top-of-the-range 1200W Bowers & Wilkins system that is comparable in audio quality to the best in-home entertainment. Advanced infotainment features also include hard-drive based audio and navigation systems and comprehensive connectivity for portable audio and video devices via the powerful Media Hub.

2012 enhancements

Subtle enhancements to the cabin are now available for the 2012 Jaguar XJ range. A new Rear Comfort Pack on the XJL Supersport offers seats that now feature electric adjustment of the backrest recline angle, four-way lumbar support and a massage function. The Pack also includes new winged headrests, footrests and the ability for the front passenger seat to be stowed forward when unoccupied to increase rear seat room.

On the long-wheelbase XJL Portfolio model, a new Executive Pack transforms the rear of the XJL into a high-speed mobile office space with the provision of fold-down business trays and an electric rear sunblind for increased privacy. The package also includes upgraded carpeting, combination wood and leather heated steering wheel, gloss wood veneer choices and chrome mirror housings.

Jaguar has always listened closely to customer feedback, and, in the case of the XJ, this has led to a new interior color combination. Available with the Portfolio trim level, the Jet/Ivory option features ivory seating with contrast jet stitching, piping and upper surfaces, while the headlining is available in either Jet or Ivory Suedecloth, according to customer preference.

All XJ variants are now available with an Illumination Package derived from that offered as standard on the Supersport model. This Package comprises illuminated sill plates, trunk latch and front and rear air vents.

An XJ is the ultimate in comfort, design and refinement. The bespoke interior changes we have incorporated for the 2012 model make it an even more special place to drive or be driven. - Ian Callum, Design Director, Jaguar Cars