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Willow Springs Commemorative Road Races

In September of 1957, dozens of production sports cars and special racers gathered for what would be the 6th and final Willow Springs Road Races. Marques like Allard, Kurtis, Jaguar, Austin-Healey, Triumph, MG, Siata, Hillman, Porsche and Alfa Romeo joined in with Corvettes, as well as Oldsmobile, Buick, Mercury, Morris, Volkswagen and Offy specials, and even a Jowett, a Simca, a Borgward, and a Panhard.

Sixty years later VARA will commemorate these memorable races with two special run groups at its September 16-17, 2017 Willow Springs Commemorative Road Races at Willow Springs International Raceway. Big Bore (2000 cc and over) and Small Bore (under 2000 cc) pre-1958 model cars, with reserved paddock space for each group, will enjoy their own featured run groups on this storied course.

Visit Vara Racing for more information.

Dear Rally Enthusiasts,

We have three exciting rallies planned for 2017!
Please find a pdf preview of our new 2017 Vintage Rallies brochure, with information about our 25th Anniversary New England 1000 May 21-26, Mountain Mille October 15-20, and Texas 1000 West of the Pecos November 12-17. All three 1000 mile drives are new, different and great fun. Please join us!

Coupes de Printemps 2017

The 9th edition of the "Coupes de Printemps" is organized by "Paris Auto Events" for 2017. We will welcome you to the famous "Autodrome de Montlhéry" under the same conditions as past years.
The "Coupes de Printemps" entry form for 2017, which you can fill in directly on-line, is available at the information page.


Classic & Exotic Cars on SF Pier 32 Each Month

The group meets on the first Saturday of the month at Pier 32 off Embarcadero along the San Francisco waterfront. Come view Ferraris, Jaguars and other incredible vehicles from around the Bay Area. Click For more info.


Jaguar Club of North America
Event Schedule For 2017

 For full details on events posted below visit the JCNA EVENTS PAGE


JCNA Sanctioned Events

March 25, 2017
  Concours     Club Jaguar A.C., Jaguar Club Mexico

April 07, 2017
  Concours  aguar Club of Florida

April 09, 2017
  Tour  Jaguar Club of Florida

May 19, 20, 21 2017
  Rally  Delaware Valley Jaguar Club

May 20, 2017
  Concours  Jaguar Owners Association of North Texas

May 27, 2017
  Concours  Susquehanna Valley Jaguar Club

June 03, 2017
  Concours  Delaware Valley Jaguar Club

June 10, 2017
  Concours  Central Oklahoma Jaguar Association

June 11, 2017
  Concours  Ottawa Jaguar Club

June 11, 2017
  Concours     Jaguar Club of Southern New England

July 15, 2017
  Concours  San Diego Jaguar Club

July 22, 2017
  Slalom  Delaware Valley Jaguar Club

July 29, 2017
  Concours  Jaguar Club of Greater Cincinnati

July 30, 2017
  Concours  Ontario Jaguar Owners Association

August 04, 2017
  Concours  Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.

August 05, 2017
  Concours  The Jaguar Club of Ohio

August 11, 2017
  Concours     Jaguar Association of New England

August 18, 2017
  Concours     Canadian XK Jaguar Register

September 16, 2017
  Concours  Virginia Jaguar Club

September 17, 2017
  Concours  Nation s Capital Jaguar Owners Club

October 01, 2017
  Concours  Jaguar Club of Southern Colorado

October 07, 2017
  Concours  Jaguar Association of Greater St. Louis


••• October 12, 13, 14 2017 •••
  JCNA International Jaguar Festival
  North Georgia Jaguar Club

October 12, 2017
  Slalom  North Georgia Jaguar Club

October 13, 2017
  Concours  North Georgia Jaguar Club

October 14, 2017
  Rally  North Georgia Jaguar Club


October 13, 14, 15 2017
  Rally  Delaware Valley Jaguar Club

October 13, 2017
  Concours     Sun Coast Jaguar Club of Florida

November 11, 2017
  Concours  Jaguar Club of Southwest Florida

Non-Sanctioned Jaguar Club Events

January 22, 2017
  Swap Meet  Delaware Valley Jaguar Club

May 19, 2017
  Concours     Heart of America Jaguar Club


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