Customer Projects

While there is always something interesting going on in the XKs Unlimited restoration and service shop, our customers are engaged in countless projects around the world. See the galleries below for the fruits of their labor. At the risk of sounding like a Kindergarten teacher, this site is all about sharing. Not only would those of us at XKs Unlimited love to learn more about your projects, but we can easily share your passion with like-minded enthusiasts the world over. Please e-mail photos and captions and anything else you would like to share -- to Michael Marter at Don't worry if your prose isnt polished as we can easily make it shine.

Wild 2+2 E-Type Were constantly amazed by our customers projects. This E-Type has to be one of the most extensively modified E-Types in history. While it may not be everyones cup of tea, you have to admire the craftsmanship, ingenuity and perseverance of the guys turning the wrenches.Click here to see additional photos and learn more about this project.

Lois Knudsens E-Type Restoration If this were a Hollywood script, no one would believe it. A young woman has a dream about an E-Type. The car in the dream is real. She purchases the car and with little more than perseverance in her corner, completely restores the dilapidated E-Type by herself. Lois is somewhat of a folk hero here at XKs Unlimited. After reading her story, we think you'll agree.

A note from Bob Danielson and a copy of an article he wrote for Classic and Sports Car Magazine in 2006. We wish to thank Bob for his kind words.

A note from customer Ken Hatton to Steve Phillip, one of our salesmen.
June 30, 2014
Hi Steve
Here's a picture of our car that sat for 20 years in my garage... last 6 years total and absolute restoration and upgrade
700 miles on clock so far. running amazing, now I realize what all the fuss was about driving an Etype.
I can only imagine that experience in 1963...
Thanks to you and the Team at XKs for all the parts and credit card is now taking a well earned rest.
Now waiting for my LED instrument upgrade so I can see at night!!
Ken Hatton, Ontario ,Canada


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