Wild 2+2 E-Type

To All, I wanted to email you and thank you for the great support over the past six years.

I also wanted to point out Steve Philips for his help in supply the high quality parts and some very timely advice. You are very fortunate to have someone as knowledgeable as Steve on your staff. We have built one of the strongest platforms for our "E" project.

We currently have a complete rebuild of every nut, bolt, screw and rivet from the 1968 2+2 model. Some notable high lights are the 1.78 chop to the "A" pillars along with the 4 wings at each rear corner. We had a custom bonnet made with a few extras allowing us to add the Eaton SUPERCHARGER to the 4.2 motor; for consistent power we added a fully programmable fuel injection system.

As you can see in the attached pictures the car is stunning and the performance is breathtaking. We dynod the car at 350 rear-wheel horsepower before over-powering the clutch. We have since added a new heavier clutch system. We have turned our attention to the torsion bar set up in the front to help corner with the additional power. Our ABS brake system with Brembo rotors has also added to the feeling of security.

Enjoy the pictures and once again thank you,

Steve Flynn

Vin Tech Racing Concepts


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