The Works

The Works  Jaguar XF & XJ8 AccessoriesXKs Unlimited presents The Works. As the logo says, Auto, Moto, Garage, Lifestyle, generally guy stuff. We appreciate you as a customer of XKs Unlimited and since we are all part of the same demographic we thought if we find something of interest for ourselves, you might also be interested. From time to time we come across items of interest in various markets and trade shows around the world that might be exactly what you've been looking for.

Hillsalive Works MontageHillsalive Custom Fit Luggage

How do you enjoy your special car more without cramming things into a collection of soft bags? Hillsalive Tailored Luggage Solutions is the answer. If it fits into the bag then it fits into the car.

Merrick Works MontageMerrick Machine Home-Shop Equipment

Made entirely in the heartland of America, Merrick Machines products include The Auto Dolly, a number of garage storage fixtures. Products and accessories that make service and restoration work safer, more convenient and fun.


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