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XKs Unlimited offers a large selection of convenient and time-saving kits. The vast majority save you money as well. Click on the links to view the contents of a particular kit.

Cheney Hose Clamp Kits

XKs Unlimited now manufactures the long-awaited Cheney hose clamps used through the early 1970s.

Cooling Hose Kits

Jaguar used a bewildering number of cooling hoses over the years. Since its never a good idea to replace a portion of your Jaguars hoses, XKs Unlimited has developed complete cooling hose kits. Click on the links below to review your application.

Light Bulb Kits

Our light bulb kits include every available bulb for your cat. Weve sorted through all the parts manuals and other reference material so you dont have to. Click on the links below to view each kit.

Rubber Kits

We believe our body rubber kits are the most comprehensive in the industry. In short, they include every gasket and seal that would be replaced during a bare-metal re-spray. Many of the components in our rubber kits are manufactured by XKs Unlimited to ensure excellent fit and material quality. To see whats included in a particular kit, click on the appropriate link below.

Dash Bezel Kits

XKs Unlimited is the manufacturer of dash switch and lamp bezels for XKs and early sedans. We offer these items in convenient car sets.

Other Kits

Need a decal/sticker kit for your E-Type? The contents of each kit are listed here.


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